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Four days of letterpress printing, pressproofs and wood types: designer from all around Europe will work together, with constraints and possibilities of self production typography. Prints produced during that days, with works from the italian letterpress scene, will create an exhibition open until 19th may.

Letterpress Workers

Officina Tipografica Novepunti (Ot9pt)

n. 1

The "Furniture Sculpture" takes its form from the figure of St. Sebastian by Mantegna (1490). Like the arrows thet have pierced him, the object also experiences the through the piece. there are both indoor and outdoor possibilities for its functional use.


Walter Thaler

n. 2

Segno italiano la cultura del prodotto artigianale italiano, presenta i workshop 2012. Nei laboratori dell’Archivio Sacchi si terrà un Miniworkshop di decorazione su ceramica. L’artista Paolo Polloniato, supportato dal designer Paolo Tarulli, seguirà 10 designer nella realizzazione di un decoro a mano su forme originali in ceramica della manifattura veneta Ceramiche d’Este. L’intento è di generare una condizione in cui i designer possano sperimentare una antica tecnica con cui rappresentare un proprio intervento personale.


Si segno italiano

n. 3

Laura Affinito shows her research in textile, leather and wool fields. As a tailor, she explores all day objects in relationship with men.


Laura Affinito

n. 4

Vito Squicciarini presents his research in the field of objects, complements furniture, mechanical parts, equipment farming, which have exhausted their function, then to be dismissed, transforming them into furniture and objects with an enormous degree of functionality and aesthetics.


Vito Squicciarini

n. 5

MICROGIARDINI Architecture, agronomy and design integration and contamination. Four micro-gardens by young designers and build in 2011 in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan).
Young talents dealing with historical gardens in Varese, Cernobbio and Saronno looking to our times with art and design.


Green Design

n. 6

The converted oil barrels remind us of colossal, crushed drink cans. The oil barrel seat invites you to sit back and relax but simultaneously seems grotesque and surreal given its political agenda. Made out of contemporary memorials, the barrels refer to the oil war and piles of rubbish.


Harry Thaler

n. 7

TOmAKE presents their research work in the field of design, combining projectual culture with influences from the art world. Their union tries to experiment new objectual and personal experiences, inviting with no fuss to think about our way of living with, for or among things and others.

calling objects

TOmAKE studiolaboratorio

n. 8

Roberto Tonoli in arte IMEN writer sestese da quattordici anni studia l’evoluzione delle lettere dell’alfabeto e porta alla terza dimensione un suo graffito in una scultura costituita da diversi materiali.



n. 9

Projects for extemporaneous candlesticks functional and non-existent. Exercises in composition to a innite merz collection. Not recommended for creative people P.S. I have Enzo Mari as facebook friend.


Matteo di Ciommo

n. 10

Maria Luisa Petta presents his historical research on the Italian traditional CORREDO. Through a stock that emotional and personal journeys has developed a new concept of kit. The kit becomes the travel diary of the new woman, becomes a surface for the inclusion of maps and feelings, past and future to be written. The project is developed in two main paths that fork in turn two arteries, one of which leads to the heart through emotional pictures and the other signs of memory leads to an epithelial layer. In both locations the decorations, prints and embroideries move and mix between past and present, creating a precise equilibrium without timing, but with a strong appeal to the past. Historical models linen house were almost faithfully reflected in the forms and materials assuming a dimension linked to the emotional archives. Each of the stories in itself expresses the four key areas of research and project: the Memory, the layering, the sign and the hand down.


Maria Luisa Petta

n. 11

n. 12

Re.rurban is an association and a design study, born in 2009, start to work on redevelopment of public spaces, especially the farms of Milan. Paolo Liaci and Diego Longoni, together with various collaborators implements projects ranging from products, to interiors, services and events for techno-social innovation and sustainable local development.


n. 13

Züffdesign in the occasion of Milan Fuorisalone 2012 is involving the visitors in the process of autoproduction: children and adults will be directly involved in the installation, challenging themselves in the construction game, building houses and small blocks, contributing to the growth of a multiform city.



n. 14

Antonio Altomare e Giorgia Nardulli tentano di spiegare come il design, inteso come arte, aiuti l’uomo a scoprire quello che da solo non vede, perché distratto. In questo caso la luna, che per mezzo della luce (metafora del design) viene rivelata, rappresenta ciò che l’uomo non riesce a vedere. Il design esemplifica la vita dell’uomo, nelle sue cose primarie; nulla di sofisticato, ma funzionale, che aiuta a guardare più in là, oltre il dito.


Antonio Altomare Giorgia Nardulli

n. 15

ddpstudio presents the Almove collection. Almove produces goods that interpret the nomad life of these days. Every single item is the outcome of the observation of human behaviours and it's designed to satisfy a single need. Light materials, essential forms, simple use, 100% made in Italy: that's Almove. Beyond the current collection we present a sneak preview of 4 new products, designed by Alessandro Gnocchi and Itchy Atelier (Giovanni Doci e Laura Fornoni).


ddpstudio architecture&design consultancy

n. 16

Serena Leonardi exhibits an innovative bike parking system that aims to promote the use of bycicles and answers to new urban mobility necessities. The object allows the user to secure a bike without using a padlock and makes parking a more secure and controlled practise.


Serena Leonardi

n. 17

Where installing business seemed impossible, where space used to lack of efficiency, now a new commerce stand can be located, laveraging unusable places left, enhancing a better revenue for train stations, bus stations, airports and even streets.

PopUp Shop

Nicola Avi
Maite Otano

n. 18

Prêt -à- Monter was born for the lovers of changeable things, for those who are undecided, for those who don’t believe that a “T-shirt could be forever”. It’s the manifesto of the mood of the moment, a dress that changes over time. Prêt -à- Monter rises from the idea of one moment and die with the fancy of the next but, if you love it, you can turn it in a longer term experience.


Francesca Grassi
Olivia Giorgi

n. 19

Varnished odd looking boxes: darned muppets, outdated household appliances, scraped robots, zoomorphic shapes, pop chips. All muppets are unique works, built up with joinery scraps, adopting an extemporary playful design.



n. 20

GAS wants to hold everything, coats, newspapers, umbrellas, glasses, towels, bags, thoughts and more than this... GAS is an idea of ​​Giulia Ancarani and Diego Villa in cooperation with "Remida Bologna Terre d’acqua", sharing of values ​​related to sustainability principles of reuse and eco design. Few ingredients to create a line of versatile products attractive for their simplicity.


Diego Villa
Giulia Ancarani

n. 21

The Argentinian rhythm, the Spanish taste and the Italian elegance meet each others for the lovers of good food. Martín Rubiño Garcías, David Garcia Garcia and Davide Trimarchi have worked on the conjunction of aesthetics and functionality in some common items for the kitchen, exploiting the versatility of stainless steel to create new forms of everyday life.


Martín Rubiño Garcías
Davíd García García
Davide Trimarchi

n. 22

Soft lines, sinuous shapes in the coffee table "Silk" by Alessandro Di Prisco. A single thermoformed sheet of Corian, one meter by one meter.


Alessandro Di Prisco

n. 23

The reclaim of the matter. Planning for developmenst and hypothesis of limited edition products through the use of industrials excess connected by a certain territorial context across a multidiciplinary connection of : art, handicraft, design. In one word: project. The marble of Carrara and it's "carrots".


Nicola Locatelli
de Hagenauer

n. 24

Hand Craft Design proposes homely green concept: the nature conquests and contaminates the spaces, it defines the shapes and redraws the interior fallowing a spontaneous process. This process is controlled by established rules. The designer acts on the development and on the growth, determining paths and boundaries.



n. 25

Non bisognerebbe mai sapere che esistono le “Super-leggere”! Poi non si potrà fare a meno di raccogliere la sfida; presento alcuni risultati di un lavoro sperimentale (ancora in corso) teso ad indagare l’irresistibile tema della leggerezza nella sedia.

< 1,7 Kg

Tommaso Lucinato

n. 26

A plunge into a box. To see, to listen, to understand. An exhibition that, revisiting Le Corbusier's "Le Cabanon", allows to live and live again the self produced design, intended as a research and as an interpretation of feelings and individual experiences. A "diorama" that combines poetic aspects with technical abilities, with the purpose of recreating the everyday life. A dreamed reality or a real dream?



n. 27

DBE is an experimental low-orbit dockable space module, meant for both health and life science research and aero-space tourism. Aiming to create a first-of-its-kind pluri-functional workplace and habitat in microgravity conditions, it merges advanced technology, crew members and a true natural environment together to assure the highest levels of safety and comfort. Based on a foldable, self-assembly exoskeleton, it is protected by a multi-layered inflatable wall.


Dario Martini
Raffi Tchakerian

n. 28

"MENTE" is an ultralight sports aircraft experimental advanced and tourist interest. "MENTE" rappresent a new vision of ecological flight, with high performance, strong aesthetic and able to integrate the best technology and crew. Built mostly of wood with high technical craftsmanship, "MENTE" uses an electric motor, a kit of battery and solar panels, which will provide the complete autonomy of flight.

Design Sensible Aircraft MENTE

Matteo Mazzero

n. 29

SeeMeOn: the innovative thermo cover for your outside heating, just simple and cheap.


Fabio Maffione

n. 30

MS1 is an Arduino-based low cost automatic swarmbot mine detection system. It is divided into small operating groups, where every robot is given pre-assigned coordinates to scan a specific zone. The units are able to self-organize and partition the given area into a definite number of scanning sectors, which correspond to analysis periods lasting 2 to 4 weeks. Thanks to the data gathered, it will be possible to trace secure crossroads in the mined areas, making the whole demining process a lot quicker and safer. The current version is targeted for southern Lebanon.


Moreno Zandonà,
Dario Martini,
Giuseppe Gennaro,
Raffi Tchakerian, Matteo Mazzero

n. 31